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Thursday, May 04, 2006


New San Francisco Business Times stories by me, originally published this past Friday:

From our Commercial Real Estate special section: Dropoff in condo sales means likely price cuts

From page 3, with Mark Calvey: Housing market feeling cooler, but not chilly

Oakland Merchants look for downtown cameras, page 7, not online.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


It occured to me tonight that the modern office custom of taking a "Starbucks break" is a boon to employers.

Not because caffeine gooses productivity, but because office workers use the Starbucks break as a bribe to themselves to work an extra hour or two. For perhaps 10 minutes and $4 out of the employee's own pocket, the employer gets work that can easily be worth $50 per hour.

Then I got to thinking about my salary, and wondering what other people the same age who work within two blocks of me make. And what about people my age within two blocks with at least a bachelor's degree? What if you filter out the JDs? Or the MBAs?

Then I started thinking about the Google Maps API. Hmmm, I smell another Get-rich tip coming.

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