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Monday, August 1, 2005

Prediction: Google will eventually buy Palm or Nokia. They will then keep your email, calendar, address book on their servers and sync it to your phone/PDA/MP3 player through wireless Internet, the cell phone network or through a USB cable to your PC. This would make programs like Outlook obsolete.

Google can then make it possible to download maps and directions from Google Maps to your phone/PDA/MP3 player and take them with you in the car. If the phone/PDA/MP3 player has GPS built in, the directions become interactive.

Then Google can make money selling phones/pdas/mp3 players and through advertising.

Second prediction: Apple will enter the car audio market. An Apple in your dash will let you easily play songs from one or more iPods through your car stereo speakers, which is tough to do. Also, an Apple car stereo could turn an OnStar cellular phone connection into a wireless Internet connection for any computer into the car. It could also send ditial video to in-car TVs.

Apple has strong competence in user interfaces for small devices, and such interfaces are the key differentiating component of any car stereo these days.

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