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Professional bio

Ryan Tate covers the East Bay and hospitality for the San Francisco Business Times, a weekly newspaper specializing in exclusive business news and published by American Cities Business Journals, a national publisher owned by Advance Publications.

Ryan's background includes work as a general assignment business reporter at the Contra Costa Times, Knight Ridder's 184,000-circulation daily newspaper in the east San Francisco Bay Area. The Times is the third-largest paper in the Bay Area, after the San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News, and Ryan covered everything from nursing strikes to the stock market to real estate to high tech.

Prior to that, Ryan worked as a reporter at Business 2.0, Time Inc.'s 550,000-circulation monthly magazine on emerging business trends. Previously, from July 2000 through Aug. 2001, Ryan was a staff writer covering digital media for UpsideToday, Upside Media's now-defunct daily business and technology news site. He covered digital entertainment companies like Napster, portals like Yahoo, conglomerates like AOL Time Warner and software companies like RealNetworks, producing stories followed in publications like the Economist and Wall Street Journal and appearing regularly as an industry commentator on CNNfn and Yahoo! FinanceVision.

In his senior year at the University of California, Berkeley (one of them, anyway), Ryan contributed regularly to the California section of The Wall Street Journal, working for the rabble-rousing editor, former UC student regent Jess Bravin. At the Journal, Ryan wrote about half-a-dozen freelance stories and completed a summer internship, where he wrote about one dozen stories. Jess now covers legal affairs for the Journal's national edition. Also during his senior year, Ryan wrote a column for UpsideToday called Executive Briefing and contributed a handful of freelance articles.

Before July 2000, Ryan was a political science undergraduate at Berkeley. Before graduating, he worked at the student paper, The Daily Californian, as editor in chief/president, news editor, online editor, columnist, staff writer and even interim tech manager. He won several college journalism awards, including three Mark of Excellence prizes from the Society of Professional Journalists -- for best news reporting (1996), best editorial writing (1996) and best column writing (1999). His controversial column, Hush Hush, disclosed the names of students admitted through the university's VIP back door, published unreleased campus police review papers, exposed various internal campus administration controversies and even brought one student to tears (second letter).

Ryan grew up in San Diego, Calif. and Houston, Texas. He lives in Berkeley.