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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I am headed to Japan for two weeks, starting today. Here's a rough outline of the itinerary. My first time outside the U.S., with the exception of the Mexican border towns of Tijuana and Juarez.

Exciting! Thanks to Justin for inspiration and many excellent travel tips, both to me and Anne. Also to Jefferson, Elizabeth, Shizu and James, for the book.


Anne and I did Campton Place Friday night after stopping in to my company Xmas party at the Clift. The dinner lasted three hours. The meal was sublime, crossing the plain, earthy American-ness of Chez Panisse, which it handily surpasses, with much of the nuance of the French Laundry, which it substantially approaches. I daresay chef Daniel Humm deserves the glowing review by the SF Chronicle's Michael Bauer, who essentially gave him four stars. And he's only 26, the talented bastard. (But then so is Melissa Perello at Charles Nob Hill. A reliable source informs me Humm complains about no time for a social life -- I think we need to get him together with Melissa, pronto.)

More after I get the menu faxed and return from vacation.

Campton Place, incidentally, followed by Top of the Mark and a night on the fifth floor of the Hotel Palomar, practically inside the Fifth Floor. An excellent hotel. And a lovely time with Anne.


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